Ex-Laval mayor Vaillancourt gets his passport back


The former mayor of Laval, who's now facing fraud and gangsterism charges, will be allowed to take a trip outside the country.

Quebec Superior Court has given Gilles Vaillancourt his passport back for what's believed to be a two-week trip he's planning to Florida.

He had it taken away when he was let out on bail last spring.

Failed mayoralty candidate Robert Bordeleau says it's incredible and sends the wrong message.

"Did they give the same permission to the Hells Angels when they've been accused of gangsteruism in the past," he says.

Vaillancourt and his 36 co-accused are expected back in court for a preliminary hearing — in the next few weeks.

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  1. George73 posted on 02/28/2014 03:14 PM
    He may get his passport back, but US Immigration still have to let him through.
  2. maria posted on 02/28/2014 04:06 PM
    That is funny - with whose money ??? and how much of that money was returned to tax payers??? Boy this province is getting better and better - and they got offended when Macleans magazine had a picture of Bonhomme de neiges with a suitcase full of money - they should take another picture with Vaillancourt at the airport with his suitcase!!!
  3. More BS posted on 03/01/2014 10:37 AM
    What is the point of the Charbonneau commission ? To distract the attention of imbeciles while the province goes down the toilet.
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