Mafia brothers suspected of stealing electricity

To make ice cream

They are in hiding, but a couple of suspected mobsters are continuing to fight Hydro Quebec over an electricity bill.

Hydro says Domenico and Antonino Arcuri fiddled with the meter at their ice cream parlour in Saint Leonard, so that that it would only record half-the electricity they were using.

In Superior Court now, Hydro says the scam had gone on from 2003 to 2008, and it is owed $ 380,000 dollars.

Through their lawyers, the Arcuri's contend they never touched the meter and suggest the fault lies with Hydro Quebec, but they did offer to settle for $13,000 without admitting fault.

Hydro rejected the offer and is pursuing the case.

The Arcuri's went into hiding in 2012 , on the advice of the Montreal police department who advised them that their lives were in danger.

Their were reports that they had been aligned with Vito Rizzuto for years, but apparently had become involved in a failed plot to take over his organization when Rizzuto was serving time in a prison in the United States.

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