Mercier Bridge in "mediocre" condition

Despite pouring $66-million into the Mercier Bridge over five years, there's a a lot of expensive work that must still be done.

In fact, the Journal de Montreal says the latest inspection report rates the bridge as being in " mediocre" condition at best.

Safe to drive over, but there are on going issues with corrosion, cracks, water infiltration and deteriorating concrete.

A spokesman for the bridge authority says there are plans to correct all the remaining problems over the next two years, but the good news is there will be fewer traffic disruptions because the work will be going on below the deck.

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  1. Stephanie Monaghan posted on 02/28/2014 08:04 PM
    I just drove over the bridge an hour ago, and mediocre condition is a laugh. I shit my pants every time I cross that bridge going to the south shore. It's downright dangerous and they know it, but with all the rest of the overpasses and bridges in this city crumbling like stale cookies, why should the Mercier be any different? They'll just wait for it to collapse and kill a bunch of people and then build a new one. Which will only cost another 50 billion dollars and take 30 years to erect. All our tax dollars go to funding language police and bullshit.
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