Media consortium requests English debate

Five English-language media outlets in Montreal have written to Quebec Premier Pauline Marois requesting an English provincial leaders' debate.

Pauline Marois has stated publicly that there will be only one debate, in French, during the next election campaign. It's expected it will be called on Wednesday.

The letter from CJAD, CTV News, the Gazette, Global News and CBC News states, "We feel strongly that English speaking Quebecers deserve an opportunity to hear directly from you in their language."

The consortium is proposing a 90-minute debate broadcast live on all platforms: TV, radio and online. 

The 24-hour CBC and CTV news networks have also expressed an interest in carrying the debate live.

The consortium is hoping the debate will be held in the final two weeks of the campaign. 

Photo courtesy CTV

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  1. Derek posted on 03/03/2014 06:22 PM
    If she doesn't agree then just have a debate without her. What's the problem with that. Put an empty chair and question it, this is appropriate considering the lack of onformation they give on their programs.
    1. George73 posted on 03/04/2014 03:39 PM
      @Derek I like that. An empty chair is more relevant and informative than anything that comes out of Marois' mouth. Lets get Clint Eastwood to introduce it.
  2. Bob posted on 03/03/2014 06:39 PM
    The rights of the English in Quebec are history. You are kidding yourself if you think the PQ will give in to the English language. It's time for Canada to support the rights of the English language in Canada/Quebec. Someone in the Federal Government needs to wake up and HELP!!!
    1. Adam posted on 03/04/2014 07:47 AM
      @Bob Why would the Federal government help us? Think of this from their stand point.

      The Liberals know they OWN the English Community in Québec.
      The Conservatives know that even star candidates haven't earned a seat.
      The NDP know a majority of the seats they earned were in French loving parts of Quebec.

      None of them have a good reason to help us.
  3. Nick posted on 03/03/2014 07:21 PM
    Pauline, you have all the rights in the world to decline this request. Ask the anglo media to first:

    1- Act impartially (stop supporting the liberals only)
    2- inform the population without doing Liberal propaganda

    Then, we could participate in 2018.

    But the anglo media need to understand that media should be there to inform population, not to act as propaganda organs for liberals.
    1. I Speak EF posted on 03/04/2014 08:37 AM
      @Nick One word "WRONG !"
    2. Drummergrl2010 posted on 03/06/2014 06:13 PM
      @Nick Shouldn't all media be required to be impartial? Just the anglo media?
  4. Greg Vezina posted on 03/03/2014 07:29 PM
    Nice to see the media getting their just deserts. They suppress new parties and views claiming their rights to freedom of the press are more important that voters rights to be informed, and the Politicians use that to suppress the media because their rights to run for office are more important than freedom of the press or the public's right to an informed vote based on the broadcast media's obligations under the Broadcasting Act. Perhaps some day we will have a CRTC that enforces the Broadcasting Act, but I seriously doubt it.
  5. bill posted on 03/03/2014 08:03 PM
    Why is it imperative that she show up????? It will just show what kind of foo she really is...let the debate go on without her.....nobody with a couple brain cells wants to hear anything more from her, except the french
    1. George73 posted on 03/04/2014 03:43 PM
      @bill Exactly. Hold the debate without her. She may think she is a Queen with unlimited power, but she isn't. She's an ex-social worker who hooked up with a multi-millionaire. A Cinderalla without any of the humility.
  6. Joe posted on 03/03/2014 09:48 PM
    Time to put up or shut up Queen Pauline remember the Anglophones are very important to you so you said?
    1. Jamie posted on 03/03/2014 11:11 PM
      @Joe Yeah Anglos are important to her because once Quebec separates she's gonna turn us into her slaves lol
  7. sam posted on 03/03/2014 11:27 PM
    What difference does it make?
  8. steven currie posted on 03/03/2014 11:46 PM
    does it really matter? we all know what her platform is, and we know what her agenda is...the issue is how do we get her out? well simple we all have to vote for the same party. dosent matter which one either as long as its a majority... liberal or concervative dosent really matter when you are dealing with a hellbent pychopath nazi thats trying to ruin this wonderful province and divide a country...that is all that matters, not liberals or conservatives..because lets be honest there really isnt much differance when it comes to who steals more tax payers money ,who brakes the most promises , orwho is over paid, beacause they are all equal in my books....besides there will be anthoer vote in a few years we can deside then anfterwe get rid of that fucking, nazi,rascist bitch that in all reality needs to die
    1. I Speak EF posted on 03/04/2014 08:54 AM
      @steven currie Maybe, this would be a good time to do as R. Libman's suggested two years ago and all vote CAQ.
  9. Drew posted on 03/04/2014 12:44 AM
    All you hear is language language language. It is the biggest smoke screen just like the charter of values. What about jobs why are the taxes so high why is this province 7 out of 10 why is there no investment in this province that is what we should be asking why is our educational system so poor why is our gas prices so high why is our hospitals in a mess . No one wants to deal with this why because they do not know how so lets cause a diversion. Lets chase the English and focus on them not the problems at hand. Hitler focused on the Jews the PQ focus on the ethnics but the problem is who to vote for . The Liberal has a donkey as a Leader and the other still want separation. Might as well vote in the village idiot in as we can not get any worst then what we have or may have in the future.
  10. Kathy posted on 03/04/2014 07:38 AM
    If she does not want to participate, why can't the other leaders have a debate without her? She would not be worth listening to anyway.
  11. wluis posted on 03/04/2014 03:46 PM
    7% English in Quebec!!
    When are we the English, going to realize we have lost.
    It's over, give it up.
    Learn French and listen to the debate in French. Point Final.
  12. Joe posted on 03/04/2014 11:48 PM
    Cannot wait for this.
    Moderator questions about the economy.
    Coulliard answers logically with his plan
    Legault answers logically with his plan
    Marois answers logically with the Charter of Racism.

    Next Topic
    Moderator asks about job creation
    Coulliard answers logically with his plan
    Legault answers logically with his plan
    Marois answers logically with the Charter of Racism.

    Next Topic
    Moderator asks about anything to see this province get out of this mess the PQ has created
    Coulliard answers logically with his plan
    Legault answers logically with his plan
    Marois answers logically with the Charter of Racism.

    See you at the Polls, and vote with your heads not your hearts.
  13. Deng. posted on 03/05/2014 05:47 PM
    Liberals could win this election.The undecided voters,and
    the influx,could make a big difference.
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