STM driver wants to press charges against women who filed complaint against him

An STM bus driver wants charges laid against two young sisters from Hochelega-Maisonneuve, after they filed a complaint against him last December, because they say he tried to attack one of them.

The sisters said they asked the bus driver if he could wait for their mother, but Dorothy Chowdhury, 23, said, instead he shut the door on her foot.

She said she kicked the door out of shock but then the driver pulled over and ran into the street to try to hit her.

“He put the brakes on the bus so fast that everyone was falling, he ran out of the bus to try and hit me in the street,” Chowdhury said.

Her 17-year-old sister threw a cappuccino on the driver to try to stop him, but she says he managed to spit on her.

The next day Chowdury filed a complaint with the STM and never heard back.

“I called a couple of times to find out what was going on, and no one called me back.”

She says she also tried to file a complaint with Montreal police who suggested she wait until the STM inquiry was complete because it could be long and costly.

On February 10th, she found out the bus driver had made a complaint to police against them both.

“I think they used my complaint to find me, I made a complaint first and then it came against me, how come?” The STM says all complaints are confidential.

Chowdhury has now filed a complaint with Montreal Police against the bus driver.

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  1. Steve C posted on 03/04/2014 06:29 PM
    Dorothy: that's not the way it works if you want a bus you all have to be there, the driver and the rest of the passengers are not obliged to wait for your mom or sister who decide to take there sweet time to get to the bus stop. And before you dispute this comment please keep in mind that I was there and saw the whole thing!
    1. Pheonix posted on 06/11/2014 12:17 PM
      @Steve C No, the bus driver is not obligated to wait for passengers - you're right. However, he’s definitely not in a position to close bus doors on a person’s foot and then later think that it’s appropriate behaviour to remove himself from his vehicle to chase down a woman with the intention of fighting her. Not to mention, that It’s beyond short-sighted to not wait 30 seconds for a passenger because “you don’t have to”, if you instead waste time by interrupting the bus service, to be combative! I don’t know where you work, but if a paying client came to my door for assistance and I decided to chase them down the road to attack them, I would get FIRED. Repercussions for my actions would not be two weeks of paid vacation, which is the worst that will happen to this STM worker.

      To say that there’s been way too many horrid STM stories this past year alone, is an understatement
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