Traffic hell in NDG begins: St. Jacques onramp to 720 east closed

On Monday, Transport Quebec began demolishing the onramp from St. Jacques St. to the 720 eastbound, one of the first phases of the Turcot Interchange project.

Transport Quebec said a new, shorter, access onramp would be built on Pullman St., but there is no date for its completion.

“We’ll know the schedule within the next year,” Stéphane Boivin, spokesperson with Transport Quebec said.

Boivin said the work would prompt some closures on the 15 and the 720, including the closures of the onramp for the 720 westbound from St.Jacques but he could not give timing for that either.

The teardown is just part of the work starting in NDG. In a few weeks, major sewage work will be done on Sherbrooke between Northcliffe and Grey.

“I had to get a line of credit on my house, I spent over the last 8 months, 250 thousand dollars from my pocket to pay rent, taxes, to pay the guys working here, suppliers, it’s unbelievable,” Nader Zarkari, the owner of local NDG restaurant Copoli, said.

Zarkari says NDG businesses have been closing their doors since the construction of the new MUHC superhospital began, and he’s afraid he’ll be next.

“The government and the city have to do something to help us, I am dying here, really I am dying.”

Transport Quebec said they would be meeting with local residents and businesses over the next few weeks. In the meantime, the 720 eastbound can be accessed at Cathedral St. off St. Jacques.

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  1. David white posted on 03/04/2014 08:27 AM
    Do not be overly concerned with businesses closing due to construction, these places will get lost in the sea of closures and moves as people leave the province over the next year.
    Sound callous? Not really, according to polls anglophones and allo-phones are on the move. Since this business does not sound true Quebecois, they are expected to close move anyway.
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