Housing groups petition Verdun for social housing

Housing activists say Verdun is not living up to its own commitments.

They'll be presenting a petition signed by 1,000 residents calling for a halt to the sale of riverside property to a condo developer and use the land to build social housing instead.

They say Verdun has promised 500 units of new social housing in 2002, but has built only 200 since then.

By contrast, activists from the Comité d'action des citoyens et citoyennes de Verdun say over 2,500 units have been built in the last decade.

They want the lot at Gaetan-Laberge and Hickson to be used to build units that can house some of the 1,300 people in the borough currently on the waiting list for subsidised homes.

They add that Verdun adopted a policy in 2002 that actively encourages the building of affordable housing.

But although the Verdun borough council has promised to reserve 50 of the 300 expected new units for social housing, the activists argue that it's not close to enough.

Photo courtesy CACV's Facebook page

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