Poll gives Marois highest approval ratings among leaders

Pauline Marois has 34 percent approval among Francophones
Jacques Boissinot/THE CANADIAN PRESS

A Leger marketing poll has Pauline Marois as the top-pick for Premier of Quebec.

The marketing poll was conducted online between the 28th of February and March 3rd.

Of the 1,502 respondents, 27 percent threw their support behind Marois. Philippe Couillard came in second at 25 percent.

Francois Legault is trailing at 15 percent.

Exclusively among Francophones, the Premier's support rating is 34 percent.

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  1. Juge posted on 03/05/2014 08:02 AM
    When are the supporters of Premier (for now) Marois going to take their heads out of their rear ends and see the harm she and her cohorts are doing to this province?
  2. LMAO posted on 03/05/2014 08:49 AM
    Looks like all these figures show is a resounding defeat for the PQ. They were even further ahead before the last election and barely hung on. Just because people like the idea of the charter does not mean they will give her power just because of that.
    As someone who has a choice to stay or go i have more faith in the long suffering Quebec population than others do The youth of today have no interest in the divisive politics of the PQ.
    Many young people have decided to take their future into their own hands and vote this time because it's their future families they vote for. I wish them and Quebec "bonne chance"
  3. Eric posted on 03/05/2014 09:17 AM
    No way, Cannot be possible. I do not believe it. People are not that stupid, or are they? I have the feeling this poll is being rigged in favor of the PQ. Would a rigged poll be unheard of? With all the corruption going on in Quebec construction, why not this as well?
    1. LDMTL posted on 03/06/2014 05:45 AM
      @Eric I don't support the PQ (i voted QS) but many anglo colleagues of mine do intend to vote PQ (or support Quebec Solidaire as I will) for one simple reason: they view the CAQ and Liberals as being too conservative/neoliberal.

      I voted Liberal four times in the past but I've grown weary of their handling of the cities (Montreal and QC), their complete disinterest in sustainable development and transit funding, etc.
  4. Maximillian posted on 03/05/2014 10:10 AM
    This bodes well for the Ontario, and specifically the GTA economy, and no matter
    what fools end up in charge in Ontario. Quebec is Ontario's economic prosperity
    guaranteed insurance policy, and it pays off, in spades, and like clock work.
    What a gift !
  5. sam posted on 03/05/2014 10:56 AM
    I am an avid Leger Poll user and I have to say as an Anglo I was never asked to do this survey so I a not sure who exactly they polled for this. All I can say is if you want your rights stripped, your government controlling what you wear on your head or neck, your rights to go to the cancer treatment centre you want denied and want your good hard earned money going to language laws rather then education jobs and our bridges and roads then please.. vote with your small pea brain. As for me.. Im not voting for her.. and I suggest you all do the same.
  6. Bonnie Roach posted on 03/05/2014 11:15 AM
    Marois only 2 points ahead....not as bad as I thought....there is hope.
  7. Sam posted on 03/05/2014 01:12 PM
    Just thinking about all of the demagogues in recent history who enjoyed massive approval among their "electorate". Alabama segregationist George Wallace was hugely popular among the voters in Alabama.
  8. George73 posted on 03/05/2014 02:14 PM
    A certain irony to Mme Marois' face being plastered on the rear end of the PQ campaign bus?

    Oh, I forgot. Only irony if one has even a basic appreciation of the English language and its economic benefits in a world wide economy that will largely pass the hinterlands by unnoticed. Of course, the hinterlands will only take note when their welfare checks and other benefits disappear as Quebec separates and its educated Francophone elites leave the sinking ship along with their money. Mme Marois would lead the charge to the lifeboats. She and her family have financial security that can only be a dream for her serfs. The only interests she has are power.
  9. George73 posted on 03/05/2014 02:16 PM
    So 34% francophones don't recognize Marois for what she is. A duplicitous opportunist that would gladly destroy the lives of the many to benefit those of the few.
  10. ric posted on 03/05/2014 02:27 PM
    How deep do the separatists have their heads stuck up their butts? I can't believe all these blind and stupid people.
  11. Paul posted on 03/05/2014 11:54 PM
    This election will show how raciest or non-racist the Francophones in Quebec are. If most support the PQ and other separatist parties or the PQ wins a majority, then we'll have our answer.
  12. GT posted on 03/06/2014 01:29 PM
    Support from the oumpah loumpahs of Quebec.
  13. mp posted on 03/07/2014 05:26 AM
    No matter who wins the damage is done to our beautiful province. people against people for what? Because they wear clothing , speak a different language, think differently. Immigration To Quebec was that they speak French and that is what they got..Now they don't want them because they don't look like a purelaine..
    It's not the purelaine that are having babies so how can you grow and be purelaines..Conclusion I guess the purelain frenchman is not as sexy as we woman thought they were..
  14. Rob posted on 03/07/2014 06:50 AM
    Don't forget, that according to the herd theory, 80% of any population is incapable of critical thinking. They can be easily manipulated by the 20%. These are truly scary times in Quebec. The monkeys are running the zoo.
  15. brian posted on 03/07/2014 04:28 PM
    WOW ... 27% approval ,with a polling accuracy of + or - 4 % ,meaning that about 75% dissaprove and she wants my vote - ya right ! Bye - Bye PQ . ,
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