LISTEN: U.S. Secretary of State's language on Ukraine referendum sounds familiar

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's language on a potential referendum in Ukraine Thursday sounded somewhat familiar to those following the ongoing Quebec referendum debate.

"We support the territorial integrity of Ukraine," Kerry said. "The government of Ukraine nededs to be involved in any kind of decision regarding any part of Ukraine."

That's a suggestion that's seldom ever heard in the context of a Quebec referendum, where the traditional line from Quebec separatists is that the political future of Quebec can only be decided by Quebecers, and no one else.

Kerry, like president Barack Obama, suggests the referendum would violate international law and Ukraine's own constitution — with Kerry adding any decision on the status of one region in Ukraine needs to be approved by all Ukrainians.

Lawmakers in Crimea have voted unanimously to split from Ukraine and join Russia, and will hold a referendum March 16 to allow voters on the disputed peninsula to weigh in on the decision.

Meanwhile, prime minister Stephen Harper says Crimea is a region under "illegal military occupation'' and that Canada will not recognize its forthcoming referendum on whether to join Russia.

Harper describes Russia's invasion of Ukraine as an act of aggression and a clear violation both of Ukraine's sovereignty and international law.

The prime minister says Canada continues to view the situation in Ukraine "with the gravest concern'' and will co-operate with its G7 partners and like-minded allies.

Moscow has so far refused to withdraw its troops from the strategic region, which also houses Russia's Black Sea fleet — a tense standoff that has triggered international sanctions against Russia and visa restrictions on its officials.

Ukraine's prime minister has called the Crimean lawmakers' decision illegitimate, but Russia says if Crimea votes to become part of Russia, they would introduce legislation to speed up the procedure.

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