STM sees delays in new metro car prototype

Montreal's transit authority, the STM, was supposed to be getting the prototype for its new metro cars by the end of the month.

But delivery has been delayed by about eight months.

The prototype was to be tested in the system for several months prior the roll-out.

Bombardier is building the trains and told La Presse that there shouldn't be any further delays and the 468 cars will be delivered by the end of September 2018.

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  1. LDMTL posted on 03/06/2014 05:42 AM
    The rollout is supposed to be gradual, with new metro cars going online every year until 2018. After some testing this spring, we were supposed to see rollout begin by the end of this year.

    Are we still going to see rollout begin this year as planned?

    Bombardier better be held accountable for these delays. I expect the STM will receive monetary compensation which it will use to improve service.

    Can CJAD obtain more information for us?
  2. joeN posted on 03/06/2014 08:07 AM
    More delays from the crown jewel of Quebec's Bombardier. They are consistent, they can't deliver the new plane they promised, and now they can't deliver the new subway cars on a bid that was rigged to eliminate any real competition and keep costs to taxpayers over inflated to reward the elite and incompetent Quebec executives of a poorly run company. Take a look at the stock price, it has not moved beyod $5 for the last 10 years.
    1. GT posted on 03/06/2014 10:54 AM
      @joeN This is the Quebecois way, reward incompetence and let the ignorant of Quebec pay for it.
  3. Paul posted on 03/06/2014 10:24 AM
    As the new metros cars will have air-conditioning only for it's driver, I am sure that most people who use the metro don't give a hoot. They can arrive in 2040 for all we care.
    1. LDMTL posted on 03/07/2014 06:09 AM
      @Paul Well, considering the new cars are more spacious, have a higher capacity, are more modern, and allow for improved signaling technology that will increase the frequency of train departures.... I think every metro user should care.
  4. Jean posted on 03/06/2014 12:13 PM
    If they are late, they should be fined $10M per month. They got a $1.3B contract and they should be professional. Walmart does this to Businesses, the City must do the same. If I am late with paying my taxes I am fined and charged interest. Montreal should not be bumped. You are late or sell defective product and you will be fined and accountable.

    It was a mistake that we did not buy from the reliable Chinese. The Chinese had a better product at a lower price. Same with other competitors as well.
    1. Richard posted on 03/06/2014 07:58 PM
      @Jean Did you read the contract? Does it stipulate late fees....Why are Canadians so quick to crap on Canadians

      What a joke, buy from the chineese...send our dollars and jobs to china...
      Buy from Bombardier and we create jobs....The employees pay taxes..Bombardier will pay taxes....but no.....send it all to China....

      Its people like you who keep Canada from being great
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