Animal shelters and breeders now need a permit

New regulations came into effect Friday to curb the spread of puppy mills, and better regulate animal shelters. All shelters and breeders, housing 15 animals or more, now need a permit to legally operate in Quebec.

Last November, the Agriculture Ministry (MAPAQ) changed the law, under pressure from animal welfare groups. It gave all shelters and breeders until March 7 2014, to get a permit, or they can be shut down.

MAPAQ says the permits will allow them to have better control over shelters and breeders across the province.

“Every premise is analyzed before receiving a permit and if they are not exactly fit, this will be another tool to help have the situation straightened, “Dr. Hélène Trépanier, MAPAQ veterinarian said.

Permits will cost $100 a year for shelters housing fewer than 50 animals and $225 for shelters with more animals, plus an initial $117 start up fee.

MAPAQ is also working on limiting the number of animals that can be kept at a shelter.

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  1. Luzi posted on 03/07/2014 10:54 AM
    This makes sense limit the amount of animals at shelters who are trying to save animals because of overbreeding.But charge breeders couple of bucks for to many animals.Only breeders with more than 15 animals need a permit so this means every backyard so called breeder can still pump them out.It's a start but can't see large impact on over population,on animals in shelters.Our mentality has to change toward animals as another disposable object.By the way I'm not some animal rights person,just looking at it has logic and what I see what is out there day to day.
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