If you'll be outside Quebec on election day, you can still vote. Here's how


Quebecers who won't be around to cast their ballots for the April 7 election have until March 19 to register with the Director General of Elections to cast their ballots by mail.

The advance polling days for this election are March 30 and 31 — and in addition, there will be five extra days where voters can cast their ballots at the office of the returning officer, on March 28 and 29, and April 1, 2 and 3.

Voters affected are those who've temporarily left Quebec for two years or less and who intend to return — including snowbirds.

The registration form can be downloaded from the web site of the Director General of Elections here. The deadline for sending in a completed form is March 19 at midnight.

For the first time, voters can also register online, scan their ID and authenticate their signature.

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  1. A Boyd posted on 03/09/2014 10:33 AM
    Too bad this doesnt help out the Canadian expats who are originally from Quebec, but have been residents outside of Canada for more than 5 years and loose all their voting rights and privileges.
  2. Lidia posted on 03/10/2014 10:35 AM
    is there no such thing as online voting?? like they allow in Europe?? I will be out of town for vacation... how do I vote?
  3. Janet posted on 03/10/2014 12:08 PM
    Wow - check this - just got off the phone with the electoral office - my husband who will be travelling on business and outside Canada from March 24 to April 10 will not be able to vote. AND, he cannot make be proxy to vote on his behalf....I am infuriated...
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