Marois offered opportunity to speak French at an English debate

A consortium of English-language media outlets — including CJAD — will offer premier Pauline Marois the opportunity to speak in French during a proposed English-language leaders' debate, with simultaneous translation.

Earlier this week, Marois declined to take part in an English debate, saying she wasn't proficient enough in English to make her opinions heard.

The consortium decided to extend the offer to Marois alone — rather than to a stand-in, like Jean-François Lisée — because it feels English-speaking Quebecers deserve to hear from all party leaders, and because Marois is the incumbent.

The other three parties — the Liberals, the CAQ and Québec Solidaire — have also been advised of the revised offer.

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  1. Rhonda posted on 03/07/2014 04:14 PM
    This is a very, very good idea!!!
  2. SJ posted on 03/07/2014 04:25 PM
    Good idea, her counter offer will be that the French debate be translated.
  3. Deng posted on 03/07/2014 05:02 PM
    This is silly.Its making we anglos look like
    Marois beggers.give it up.
  4. Steve posted on 03/07/2014 07:57 PM
    What's the point of trying to force her into an English debate she doesn't want? Would anglophone votes be swayed if she spoke flawless English with a British accent like Jacques Parizeau? I doubt it. Are separatists going to change their mind and not vote for her after hearing how she butchers the English language? I doubt that too.
    1. Gord posted on 03/08/2014 07:46 AM
      @Steve The more she is forced into debates, the more her incompetence will be highlighted. But you are right, most that are voting PQ will not be swayed.
  5. Richard posted on 03/08/2014 07:50 AM
    This is pointless.
    Are there any anglos that really care what she has to say?
    Can the be convinced to vote for her?

    I would rather an English debate just between the Libs and the CAQ
    Legault will show his true colours and mybe those who voted for him the last time will realise thier mistake
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