Couillard pledges to help more women secure high profile positions

Liberal leader Phillipe Couillard has marked International Women's Day by pledging to help more women reach high profile positions.

He made the announcement in St Jean on day four of the Quebec election campaign.

Couillard, flanked by female candidates, says a Liberal government would help women land positions on boards of big companies as well as mangement positions, adding 20 pr cent of women reach those levels.

According to Couillard, what needs to happen is to change the culture of employment, something he says he would do.

Ironically, the Liberal leader downplayed the fact that his party, at this point, has the lowest number of declared female candidates in the campaign.


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  1. Deng posted on 03/08/2014 06:50 PM
    Big mistake. He should have spent lest time on
    international women's day.He needs to get back his
    sparks on the economy,jobs and a vote for the CAQ
    is a vote for the PQ. I'm starting to get worried.
  2. Jim posted on 03/09/2014 11:14 AM
    I am certainly hoping that Mr. "invisible" Couillard has more meatier proposals to offer us in the course of the coming days for all of our sake. The PQ seem to have quite the PR campaign going with the acquisition of high profile candidates who are chosen to woo the populace with their notoriety rather than with any substantial policy proposals which make much economic sense. What a choice we have going into the coming election: a party which has divided Quebecers while pulling Quebec into a downward economic spiral or a party with an ineffective leader heading a party that should be firing people up with an economic plan that can start to turn this province around AFTER they bring some sociopolitical harmony and investment security to the province. The CAQ's biggest proposal so far appears to be the abolishment of school boards, which strikes me as possibly being more costly and ineffective in the end. Canadian elections often entail a choice in voting for who you hate the least, apart from general disinterest and disillusionment. This election seems to me to bode far worst consequences considering the moral, economic and social ramifications of a majority win for the PQ. If I was to view my residency in Quebec as a personal investment (mortgage, my children's future employability, cost of living, etc. versus stock investments), I would be quickly selling off and liquidating all assets in order to invest elsewhere. Unfortunately, my job is the only thing which keeps me anchored to Quebec and this worries me greatly. I feel at times that, with no political experience at all, I could probably do a better job at bringing up political/economic issues and firing up voter sentiment than the Liberals at this point and this is pathetically disappointing.
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