Opposition pounces on Peladeau candidacy

CAQ leader Francois Legault has expressecd concerns about Pierre Karl Peladeau's candidacy.

PQ leader Pauline Marois announced Sunday the media baron is the party's candidate in St Jerome.

Peladeau was, until recently, head of president of Quebecor Media Inc. (TSX:QBR.B), which controls the tabloid newspaper Journal de Montreal and the French-language TVA television network.

According to Legault, Peladeau's candidacy will lead to biased coverage.

Last year, Peladeau stepped down as Quebecor CEO to take a post as chairman of Hydro Quebec.

He said Sunday he had stepped down from that post as well.

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard doesn't seem that impressed with Peladeau's candidacy, adding it doesn't change the campaign debate much,adding the choice Quebecers face come election day is the same.

Quebec Solidaire's Francoise David has harsh words, saying Peladeau is the king of lockouts, and has been one of Quebec most inflexible bosses.

Couillard also announced Sunday a Liberal government would share royalties from natural resources with municipalities.


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  1. anne duff posted on 03/09/2014 04:50 PM
    It has bothered me since his Hydro appointment.. the connection between Peladeau and Marois. She is a manipulator.. she brings in people that help her manipulate. Unlike Coulliard who brings in economists to help the economy, Marois recruits people that can give her good press or avoid bad press or student strikes. I have wondered often of late, why the French press does not write up the same information as the English media does. For example, to the best of my knowledge, there wasn't a word about the $3 million dollars made by Blanchet in the French press. Or the Marois-Blachet-Accurso connection, or Mexican Condo?.. The French papers just do not print the same stuff.
  2. sam posted on 03/09/2014 11:02 PM
    Been reading about the russian "oligarchs" lately .
  3. wluis posted on 03/10/2014 07:29 AM
    One of the reason separatism is popular in Quebec.
    He owns some French newspapers and a TV Station.
    It seems controlling newspaper and TV has not got him to HIS dream.
    Next is the leadership of the PQ.
    At 40% for, he need to get it going. This could be his last chance for the country he dreams of. And to be the Leader of the new country....wow, that must make the dream even more tasty.
    The rich get richer and we keep on getting more poor.
  4. william podmore posted on 03/10/2014 11:10 AM
    Another elitist that has no clue about what Quebec needs. He has no REAL LIFE experience and is out of touch with the "common' people of Quebec.
    1. wluis posted on 03/10/2014 02:05 PM
      @william podmore Just like most politician.
      They are all out of touch with the common man.

      When I vote, it just a vote against separatist. Because they(politician) are all the same after that.

      The only person who can care about the common man, is the common man himself.

      People should be happy they live in a place where they don't line up to buy bread. Not because their favorite politician is not on the dollar bill.
  5. George73 posted on 03/10/2014 05:29 PM
    I fail to understand why PKP is held up as being such a successful businessman. Didn't he inherit his wealth from his daddy?
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