WATCH: A gathering of many faiths to oppose a Quebec charter of values

"It is the type of service that you are given that is important, not what the civil servant that is giving you the service wears."

Côte Saint-Luc mayor Anthony Housefather was one of over a dozen speakers at an interfaith gathering organized at Shaar Zedek synagogue against a Values charter.

The event was organized by members of the Facebook group Canadians for Coexistance and brought together hundreds of members of all six major faiths.

Group chief administrator Norman Simon says attendees want to find a way to fight a potential charter of values... together.

"What we're trying to do is solve a problem. We're trying to get all the people in Quebec to come together and find solutions to the problems that Pauline Marois and her government have created," he told CJAD.

Uniting rather than dividing

Gurinder Singh is one of many Sikhs who attended the gathering. While observing the amount of religious communities present in the synagogue, he couldn't help but find that the charter did more than divide.

"I think the intent is very divise, but I think the outcome is going to be very opposite" he said. "This Charter is also creating opportunities for us to understand other communities."

Sijad Delic, resident Imam of the South Nepean Muslim community, said the former Bill 60, which died on the table once elections were called last week, was a call to arms for everyone.

"We have to trust one another. We all came here with one purpose : to tell one another that we would work with one another to make this a better place."

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  1. Pat posted on 03/10/2014 12:48 AM
    Yes, let this bring us together. And let the dialogue continue. With joint values that support eachother.
  2. Leslie Satenstein posted on 03/10/2014 03:22 PM
    I am sure that the bill will be dropped if the PQ wins the majority they are after. It is the platform they do not believe in, but used to further to sway the regions. We must make as much ruckus as possible.

    For a future show, or topic, we should stop putting French First and begin using English only in our businesses.

    Bill 101 was written to protect the French from the English. Now the remaining English of Quebec are threatened with extinction. (My kids are moving out of province, my relatives are doing likewise. I live in the NDG/CSL area and we can no longer get English circulars. A boycott of McDonalds CSL store caused bilingual postings of the menus. Why am I made to feel 2nd class?

    Wake up Montreal, English is in danger of disappearing within the next 20 years. And so will CJAD, if nothing is done to fight for our full freedom of expression.
  3. Salman posted on 03/12/2014 06:47 PM
    @Leslie Satenstein,

    I agree that standing up for language equality is imperative. However, I disagree with your opinion on Bill 60. There is no doubt that it will be applied in full force in order to drive out ethnic and religious minorities. The Quebec identity issue was raised through the proposed Bill 60, and got everyone excited about their Quebec identity all over again. Not to apply it would make them look like they are disrepute. Bill 60 was laid out as a foundation, and PQ voters will no doubt anxiously be waiting for its approval.

    Congrats to my buddy Norman Simon, and the team Canadians for Coexistence. I have had the pleasure of working with Norman in the past, and he is a stand up person in the war against the PQ.
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