New poll breaths new life into election race

The latest CROP Poll indicates that the current election race may be closer than first thought.

Conducted in the first four days of the election campaign the poll finds the Liberals and Parti Quebecois are tied at 36 per cent support overall, but the PQ still has a hefty lead over the Liberals for the francophone vote.

Overall the PQ has slipped 4-points since January, but leads the Liberals among francophones 42% to 25%.

CROP Vice-President Youri Rivest tells Radio Canada that 48% of Quebecers say they are not likely to change their voting intentions by election day, which still leaves 52% of the vote up for grabs.

He says a majority government is available, but not guaranteed.

Rivest also says the CAQ remains a viable option despite a relatively low 17% support overall.

23% of respondents say their second choice would be the CAQ, and that's the highest level of secondary support compared to all the other political parties.

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  1. brian posted on 03/10/2014 01:40 PM
    Mr Peladeau nomination ./Hydro invcrease

    He just resigned from Hydro Quebec as Chairman , having approved the greatest electricity increase in ten years of 4.4% and he expects the public to vote for him and the PQ. You got to be kidding !
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