PKP fallout: CSN won't endorse PQ, or anyone else

One of Quebec's largest labor federations, the CSN, says it still favors Quebec independence, but it won't tell its more than 300,000 members who to vote for.

Jean Lortie, the CSN's secretary-general, says he wouldn't be surprised if some members are reconsidering their support for the PQ, and even for separation.

He also suggests the party has betrayed workers, by removing the idea of modernizing labor laws from its platform, and because of the candidacy of Pierre-Karl Péladeau — who many critics have denounced as one of Quebec's worst employers, thanks to what's being called his union-busting tactics.

"It's mostly about disappointment, treason, being cheated on this issue," Lortie says, referring to Péladeau's candidacy.

He noted Péladeau's Quebecor was responsible for 14 lockouts — most notably the lockout at Quebecor's flagship paper, the Journal de Montréal, which lasted two years.

Lortie says the CSN will not tell members who to vote for, because it's not legally permitted. He says they're telling members to challenge the parties with questions and then make their own decision.

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  1. Drew posted on 03/12/2014 03:34 PM
    Pierre-Karl Péladeau will be the straw that broke the PQ's back.
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