South shore nurses protesting hospital budget cuts

Some south shore nurses have been out protesting because they think the budget cuts made by Charles-Le Moyne hospital management are hurting patients.

The nurses acknowledge the hospital is $15 million in debt, but say the solution chosen by management isn't good for patients; if nurses call in sick or go on vacation, they are not replaced.

“We’re not in an industry, we can’t say today we are going to work with two less health professionals, we are working with human beings, Roberto Bomba, spokesperson for the nurses union FIQ told CJAD.

He says the short staffing means vital signs aren't checked as often as they should be and new mothers aren't getting home visits for their babies.

“It’s not normal; you cannot function with less staff, because the influx of patients is always the same amount.”

The nurses are calling on management to make up the $15 million dollar budget shortfall elsewhere.

They also want to know why the hospital is so deeply in debt.

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