Poll shows Liberal surge in Quebec city

Quebec city

A Leger marketing poll shows a 7-point Liberal surge in voting intentions in Quebec city since Pierre Karl Peladeau entered the race for the Parti Quebecois.

The region had previously been shown to be a virtually neck-to-neck race between the PQ (31%) and the Liberals (32 %), with the CAQ falling behind, but still maintaining a reasonably healthy 24 percent.

But since Pierre Karl Peladeau's arrival, the scene has changed drastically.

The Parti Quebecois has made little gain in the region. It has gone up a slight one point, despite the fact that Peladeau's arrival had been hoped to boost the party's chances in the often-conservative region.

Instead, the Liberals have made a massive 7-point leap forward, and are now at 39 percent. That gain has been scooped up from CAQ support, that has seen a 5-point drop to 19 percent.

The Liberals are winning in every age group except those above 65 years old.

Quebec city is often seen as hot and sought-after battle ground. Although the Parti Quebecois has not won many ridings in the area since the 1990s, the party still hopes for the population to swing back in its direction.

The poll was conducted for FM93, a local Quebec city radio station.

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  1. alty posted on 03/13/2014 10:49 AM
    i dont understand, the two biggest and most important cities who combined make up a high majority of all revenue quebec receives for the entire province wont be voting PQ. why dont we all just make a deal that makes everyone happy. The PQ can have thier own country which will inlcude all the small towns and farmland in quebec and montreal and quebec city shall remainn in canada. i would vote for that in a second and Madame marois can finally call herself queeen of her own country. its a win win for everyone and montrealers will be able to invest in thier neighbouring country of quebec for pennies on the dollar
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