Spring will be late coming to Montreal: weather office

A weather scene in Montreal, Feb. 28, 2013.

If you're wondering when this cold, snowy weather will finally give way to spring, Environment Canada says there will be a spring, but it might take some time to get here.

The weather office says between now and the first week of April, it looks like we're in for colder than normal weather — and the hint is, another snow dump is not out of the question.

"Looking ahead for the next couple of weeks, I don't see a warming trend for Quebec," Cantin says. "A lot of cold weather coming in, especially next week."

He adds says another low pressure system may give us some more snow by the middle of next week — just in time for the start of spring, which officially begins next Thursday at 12:57 p.m.

The infamous "polar vortex" that has made the entire winter colder than normal is to blame for the not-so-warm forecast.

"That system sitting there is keeping northwesterly winds coming into all of central Canada, northern Ontario and Quebec," Cantin says. "Until a real change in the circulation, we can't expect anything other than cold weather."

Meanwhile, the man who usually gives Environment Canada's longer-term forecasts, senior climatologist Dave Phillips, wasn't around to field questions about the cold weather.

He had a good reason.

"Given the weather prospects for March, I've decided to disappear," his voicemail message says. "Mind you, not the witness protection program, but with all that winter weather rage out there, I thought it'd be best to come back in a different season.

"I hope you get the weather you want for the rest of the winter".

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