Out of town on election day? Here's how to vote

If you won't be around to cast your ballot on April 7, you can vote in several days of advance polling or, failing that, you can fill out a form on the web site of the director-general of elections, to arrange to have the ballot mailed to wherever you are in the world.

The deadline for requesting a ballot by mail is Wednesday, March 19.

But what happens if you'll be out of the province to cast your ballot — for instance, on a cruise or a business trip — and you can't have the ballot mailed to you?

Then you can't vote.

"We have to have a place — somewhere in the world where we can mail the ballot," says Denis Dion with the elections office. "We understand that some can't [receive a ballot by mail]. The system has its limits. That's the best we can do."

Dion says the next step on the road to enfranchising absolutely every voter would be Internet voting, and that's likely years away — if it ever comes at all.

"Hopefully, one day we're going to be able to vote by Internet, but we're not there yet, in any country in the world."

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