Marois again dodges circumcision controversy

Premier says she has nothing more to add to candidate Louise Mailloux's apology

Marois meets with l’Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA)

Premier Pauline Marois was unwilling this afternoon to provide additional context on accusations that her candidate in the Gouin riding spread "conspiracy theories" about circumcision, offending Quebec Jews and Muslims.

Over the weekend, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (Federation CJA) vice-president Luciano Del Negro released a statement calling on Marois to "assume her responsibility and categorically disavow...the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory peddled by her candidate," Louise Mailloux.

Marois was asked by CJAD 800 if it "bothers you that large portions of the Jewish and Muslim communities are not going to vote PQ because of her comments." Mailloux had written that circumcision is akin to "rape" and funds from the sale of kosher and halal meat went to fund religious fighters. 

"She apologized," Marois said, "and I accept that. You know the Parti Québécois. We have a great respect of all the citizens, even if they are Jewish, if they are Muslim, and we will continue in this perspective."

Pressed again to speak directly to Quebec Jews and Muslims who may feel hurt by the comments, Marois remained evasive:

"I have a very good relationship with this community. We have meetings each year and we will continue to have these meetings to discuss the realities of these communities."

Asked by The Gazette whether or not she was aware of Mailloux's comments before accepting her candidacy, again, Marois refused to answer the question:

"I think it's important to accept when people say 'I apologize and I will not do the same thing in the future.' It seems, for me, normal to accept this, so I accept (Mailloux's apology)...She said she would respect our program, and our program is very clear on respect for citizens."

Listen to CJAD 800's Dan Delmar and The Gazette's Christopher Curtis question Marois on the controversy, while her press attache tries to cut the exchange short:

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  1. beerdrinkingnick posted on 03/17/2014 06:45 PM
    Dear ROC.

    Sorry Our Premier is not bright enough to be able to tell she is insulting many.
    We are in the middle of a election and trying to fix this problem in a democracy way. We hope that we will fix this issues asap.

    Thanks for you understanding.
    A Quebecer with a little common sense
    1. dissatisfiedQuebecer posted on 03/17/2014 10:16 PM
      @beerdrinkingnick Best comment I've seen in a long time... thanks.
  2. Ssm posted on 03/17/2014 07:09 PM
    There has been no retraction or acknowledgement that her comments might not be true or valid, or wrong OR that they are pretty much the same as those made by notorious bigoted and racist supremacist organizations elsewhere. There has been merely an apology that some people may feel offended. With no denunciation, there is tacit approval from the party's leadership.
  3. Kari posted on 03/17/2014 08:38 PM
    " Our program is very clear on respect for citizens".
    Yes, it is. You HAVE no respect.
    Obviously this Mailloux woman represents Marois very well.
    They think exactly alike.
    Being a racist cannot be forgiven by a simple, insincere apology.
    How arrogant you must be to think that thats all that has to be done..........................
  4. Carole Jones posted on 03/17/2014 09:59 PM
    I am sickened at the lack of respect for the people they serve. I am also find it unbelievable that an official can do and say these things without accountability. The tone that I read between the lines also makes me very uncomfortable and ill at ease. It is time that we hold our elected officials more accountable for there inappropriate actions. We are living in a global world and a country with a diverse population. All are equal and should be able to live as such.
  5. Steve posted on 03/17/2014 10:26 PM
    I implore everyone and anyone from cjad or anywhere else amongst the media to continue expose these truths. I am so saddened by what I am seeing happening to my beautiful home, province and country. I have never felt more strongly the need for a change in government here in our beautiful province. Please have someone of influence CLOSELY scrutinize this upcoming election. I am truly fearful of more 'irregular' ballot situations and such. Much respect to you Dan, keep up the good work.
  6. Joe Johnson posted on 03/17/2014 10:49 PM
    Finally a political party willing to mention something about male genital mutilation. Trust me, if we conducted female genital mutilation en masse like we do with our boys there would be an outcry! Women and feminists often cite ''my body, my choice'' when it comes to abortion, so it should be the same for boys, without their consent, nobody should be cutting part of their body off, especially for religious reasons!

    In terms of the Charter, it is not a ''right'' to go to work dressed in religious attire. If I work at Tim Hortons for example and they give me a uniform to wear, then I have to wear it. I cant say, no I want to be naked because my religion is nudism! Nobody is stopping religious people from wearing their religious symbols on their own time. Its just when you work in the public service, there is something called separation of state and religion, and we simply don't need your religious attire in government!

    Right on Marois! Right on PQ! Im an Anglophone from another province, but I will definitely be voting PQ! At least they stand up for human rights (i.e. My right to have a separation of church and state and my right to chose whether or not you can cut my foreskin off!
    1. Karen posted on 03/17/2014 11:03 PM
      @Joe Johnson Your comments betray your ignorance, I truly feel sorry for you. And seriously, you're from another province, but you plan on voting for the PQ? Excellent idea, get your bus ticket right away, I'm sure there is going to be bus loads on other Canadians voting in the Quebec election. *SMH*
    2. Kari posted on 03/17/2014 11:40 PM
      @Joe Johnson And you sir, are exactly what the problem is.
      Ever heard of freedom of choice or freedom of speech? The PQ stands up for Human Rights?????
      Are you sure you're from another province or another planet?
      No disrespect intended of course.
  7. Anthony posted on 03/18/2014 06:55 AM
    Hey, she is communicating in English....and her head didn't explode! Go figure.
    1. Will posted on 03/18/2014 10:42 PM
      @Anthony Yes, but my head kind of wants to explode when she says things, like "We have a great respect of all the citizens, even if they are Jewish." I hope that's because of the language barrier she claims.
  8. Grace posted on 03/18/2014 09:33 AM
    "We have a great respect of all the citizens, even if they are Jewish." Does she even realize how she sounds? I hope we vote this insane party out on April 7th and put an end to this nonsense once and for all.
  9. ROBERT LOVELL posted on 03/18/2014 09:35 AM
    It appears that she thinks she has (Mme Marois) unbelievable ties with Quebecs Jewish Community, just where is that?
  10. David Morgan posted on 03/18/2014 10:39 AM
    The PQ have picked on the Jews, the Muslims, and every person who has been circumcised and baptized. Sounds very scary to me. These people are dangerous.
  11. Francois Charette posted on 03/18/2014 11:19 AM
    Marois and the PQ insult not only Jews and Muslims, but anyone with half a brain. The language laws and ideas of the PQ are meant to keep the general population of this province ignorant and with little to no options so that they can be controlled with greater ease.

    A uni-lingual francophone Doctor will be forced to stay in Quebec regardless of what happens, while anyone who has been able to actually learn English has endless options opened to them. The PQ is not after protecting anything but their ability to control a people through whatever means they can. They only care about controlling those who have been brainwashed to believe their isolationalist ideas, insulting those smart enough to see them for what they truly are is an unfortunate side effect of their arrogance.
  12. James posted on 03/18/2014 12:06 PM
    Just keep on digging!

    At this rate she'll be back in a minority situation at best

    She's is our worst enemy , yet she's also our strongest asset

    The more she dodges the better
  13. Terry posted on 03/18/2014 01:17 PM
    @ Joe Johnson,
    Why don't you move here.....and the first time someone tells you to 'Shut up' because you are speaking will hi-tail it back home......
  14. flora posted on 03/18/2014 01:28 PM
    Isn't it sweet the way she says "we respect all Quebecrs, EVEN IF they are Jewish or Muslim"... awww! Pauline, you're too kind!
  15. Kayla Look posted on 03/18/2014 05:20 PM
    Never stop asking these important questions/bringing her evasive attitude to light. Again and again.
  16. La Belle Province posted on 03/19/2014 12:02 PM
    She's messing with the wrong tribe, a tribe that has been subject to this type of discrimination through history and overcame it. She needs a 101 on RESPECT... true respect lies in the Human rights charter, not her own secular fundamentals. People who aspire to a faith and represent hope need to be embraced within government. True respect comes from ACCEPTANCE and even ACCOMMODATION.

    She needs to sign up for an 'AA' meeting ASAP.
  17. marti garaughty posted on 03/19/2014 11:53 PM
    Slightly off topic but... the way Marois mangles and struggles with the English language, she should be encouraging her fellow Quebecois to become fluent in a language that would open more opportunities to jobs, careers and business.

    Discouraging people from learning/speaking English will do nothing but ghettoize the Quebecois who follow in her footsteps. My ability to speak English, French as well as a little Arabic and Italian has opened doors to me in more places than I ever imagined.
    1. Kat posted on 03/21/2014 01:52 PM
      @marti garaughty If she encouraged English she would lose control. Keeping them ignorant is the only way the Partie Quebecois will ever stay alive. If they could speak English they could go any where in the world- their language keeps them trapped here. As well as Promises of their own country for a self proclaimed special nation.
      Would an intelligent person support this bigoted party?
      We also have benefited from knowing both languages.
  18. backy posted on 03/20/2014 12:42 PM
    It is the people that vote these candidates in. There are MANY people in Quebec that share Maillioux's point of view. The Gouin riding is a PQ riding. The people there share that point of view or at least accomodate backwards thinking. The federal government should split quebec into a western side and an eastern side. Montreal should remain in Canada. Quebec city, should rest in a new quebec country. Quebec will draft a new constitution that is non-inclusive and full of bigotry. Montreal will thrive. Quebec city will be a land stuck in time.
    1. Spongebob1 posted on 03/21/2014 10:21 AM
      @backy The Gouin riding elected Françoise David in 2012 so it's a Quebec Solidaire riding. Seems like Mme David is still popular so I would bet she wins her riding again. Not the worst outcome considering Mme Mailloux as the alternative.
  19. Rob posted on 03/22/2014 11:36 PM
    I am an outsider looking in. An American living in QC and do not have my Canada citizenship so can not vote. However, I am appalled at the things Marois stands for and will defend in general. I am glad the election is going this way and hope this trend continues and she gets dealt a crushing defeat.
    It appears everything that, is common sense human right decency she is against. A HUGE example that I can't get over is during the turban ban from QC. And a representative said publicly, the kids who wore turbans could play in their back yard. That is laughable and almost makes you think someone is joking because, how can a public official say this? Sure enough, a few days later Marois and the PQ fully support the Soccer Quebecs decisions and blah blah blah.
    I remember her referring to English as a "foreign language". I have become a fan of CJAD very quickly and love the political information. I have never been in to politics. I've lived in the US for the first 32 years of my life and didn't have an interest. Since moving up here, and seeing what she says and believes? Oh, I am very interested and hope the Francophone people see her for who she is. Now the latest................It's the English people committing voter fraud. What next? Get out and tell your Francophone friends she needs to go, ASAP. Thanks!
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