Rectors want increased university funding

Fifteen university rectors have taken full-page ads out in the Gazette and La Presse newspapers, appealing for more money.

The universities, including McGill, Concordia, the University of Montreal and UQAM, say Quebec universities receive $5,000 less in total funding per student than the Canadian average.

"What this means is that every Quebec university student has access to 33%  less in resources to achieve the same level of education," says the newspaper ad.

"Sooner or later a difference this great will have serious consequences on the level of education Quebec universities can provide to our students."

The universities are calling for all the political parties to commit to bringing funding up to the Canadian average by 2020.

They do not specify where this new money would come from, whether it would be from a tuition increase, or new public spending, or some other source.

A Liberal attempt to increase Tustin fees in 2012 lead to months of protests and social unrest.

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  1. Joseph posted on 03/17/2014 12:17 PM
    Pass the cost to the student. If they want a good education they should be ready to pay for it or get a job and save your money, then go back to school.
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