Couillard on Porter links: Guilt by association

Couillard meets with l’Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA)

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard is again distancing himself from a former friend accused of fraud.

Dr. Arthur Porter, the MUHC's former director-general, is now resting in a Panamanian jail, fighting extradition to Canada on charges of bribery and money-laundering.

Couillard said Porter was "somebody I knew. We had a friendship together, but that doesn't mean I can be associated with whatever he did vis-à-vis the MUHC contract - I had nothing to do with this. I was not there (in government) anymore."

Couillard technically started a business with Porter in 2010, but the consultancy never got off the ground.

He says the Porter issue is being raised out of the blue after some bad poll numbers for the Parti Québécois, putting them behind the Liberals for the first time during this campaign.

"I've been very clear on Dr. Porter. I've been answering questions for a year and a half about this, sometimes on a daily basis," Couillard said, adding that Marois is much less transparent. "It's very bad to establish guilt by association like some people are trying to do. I will not tolerate this."

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  1. Sandy posted on 03/18/2014 09:41 PM
    They were both doctors, of course M. Couillard would have known him.
    As a medical health professional working at the MUHC, I can understand building friendships and daily interaction with fellow colleagues.
    The real dirt should come out about Pauline Marois and her husband and the FTQ. As an RRSP investor with the FTQ, I would like some answers!
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