Pauline Marois equates Philippe Couillard to Jean Charest

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois may not be commenting directly about a recent poll suggesting Philippe Couillard is now leading among voters' intentions but she is now sharpening her attacks on the Quebec Liberal leader and his credibility.

Marois severely criticized Couillard several times during a morning news conference in Verdun where her party unveiled its education platform.

She attacked Couillard for his ethics, referring to new reports linked to Couillard's past ties with Dr. Arthur Porter, former head of the MUHC. She said he's concerned that Couillard may have some ethical problems, comparing him several times to his predecessor, ex-premier Jean Charest. Marois said she doesn't believe Quebeckers want to go back to those days.

"He has the same perspective, the same vision, except on the constitution," Marois said, also criticizing Couillard for what she calls his flip-flops on constitutional talks.

"He has exactly the same behaviour. He doesn't renew his team, he has the same team," Marois said, listing a couple of LIberal MNAs such as Sam Hamad and Christine St-Pierre, who served as cabinet ministers under Charest.

"That is the team of Mr. Charest with some additions."

Marois insisted her campaign is going well and her game plan will not change.

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  1. Kat posted on 03/18/2014 01:41 PM
    Quebecers don't want to stay in these days of uncertainty. For the last 40 years we have to put up with it.
    Couillard is linked with Porter for starting a business - unlike Marois and her Husband named in the Charbonneau commission ( on first name basis with racketers), which they have yet to answer to, which we all are anxious to hear the answers to.
    Marois seems to be doing a little flip flopping herself. Only if she can flip flop on the issue of an English debate, at least one.
  2. I Speak E F posted on 03/18/2014 01:54 PM
    I would rather have gone through another two years with Charest than the past two years of hell with Marois. If Couillard doesn't renew his team, that's a good thing and it means they all work good together like a fine tune machine. She changes her team often, looking for people she can push around, and young (inexperienced) people she can brain wash.
  3. Meatplow posted on 03/18/2014 03:10 PM
    This is just one of many attempts by Marois to score points because she's behind in the poles. Expect more to come.
  4. Jim posted on 03/18/2014 05:02 PM
    Sounds like a pretty weak argument. Marois is grasping at straws; trying to find anything she can to discredit Couillard. Couillard may have had some dealings with Porter in trying to develop Montreal's health-care network, but he wasn't the only one that was duped by this man. If you are an experienced and influential politician (good or bad), you have most likely dealt with people who have proven over time to be either reliable or corrupt. Can she accuse him of knowingly conspiring with him to commit any action deemed immoral or Then she only discredits herself by making false accusations, no doubt out of desperation. Considering all of the deceptive ploys the PQ have been pulling out of their hat recently, I find it sad that she lowers herself even further.
  5. sSm posted on 03/18/2014 10:35 PM
    The scent of desperation, the aroma of misleading innuendo , the taint of the muckraker. Is that Eau de Red Herring? Oh the hypocrisy Oh the hypocracy. This is not responsible government.
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