CAQ platform calls for cuts to taxes, bureaucracy

François Legault says he's still in the race to win, despite polls

CAQ leader Francois Legault unveiled his party's platform Wednesday morning. While he took jabs at provincial Liberal leader Philippe Couillard, he said he’s in the race to win, and his main challenge is to give Quebecers the message that they can vote for a party that won't call a referendum, but that has an economic plan.

“I think Quebecers deserve better than what M. Couillard is offering, he’s offering only one thing: fear about a referendum, I’m offering no referendum but also an economic plan,” Legault said.

Legault promised to create 100,000 more jobs by developing the areas alongside the Saint-Lawrence River into something like Silicon Valley, and give every family 1000 dollar tax cuts.

He said he would represent Quebec as a nation and recover spending power from the federal government but he says it's time for federalists and sovereignists to work together.

“We are divided for the last 40 years; it’s about time we get all Quebecers together, working on fixing the economy.”

Legault is also promising to make services more efficient by cutting bureaucracy.

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