Train passengers take delays in stride

Montreal would-be train passengers hoping to make it to Toronto quickly today were disappointed as a First Nations barricade in Marysville, Ontario shut down train traffic.

Via has chartered buses to get them to Toronto. And while most passengers were annoyed others seemed resigned.

There was an air of annoyance mixed with resignation among travellers lining up at Central Station shortly before they were directed onto a waiting bus on de la Gauchetiere.

Among their rolling eyes and tired sighs were signs of relief that they were at least going to be in Toronto at some point today.

David Jaeger was in Montreal on a business trip. He said he was alerted by Via by e-mail and said that although he was disappointed, he accepted the reality of the situation

"I'm happy there's a bus, and I'm sure it will take longer than the train would have taken and I'm sure the level service will not be as the same," he said. "But I need to go home and I'm happy that I will find a way."

The activists are calling for a public inquiry into missing and aboriginal women.

Photo courtesy CTV

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