Museum of Fine Arts to start charging admission

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Sherbrooke St. W.

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will start charging admission to for its permanent collection, citing growing demand, increased operating costs, and declining government funding.

Beginning on April 1, it will cost $12 to get in to see the collections and discovery exhibitions for adults 31 years of age and older.

There will, however, be a number of exceptions. Admission will continue to be free for art students and teachers, those from low-income neighbourhoods registered in programs sponsored by Museum donors, Museum VIPs, ticketholders for major exhibits, those 65 and over on Thursdays, and the general public on the last Sunday of every month.

It will also be free for everyone during the Christmas holiday period (Dec. 26-Jan. 2) and during the Spring Break period.

A statement from the Museum says the decision to charge admission was made because of its own success in attracting schoolchildren, families and community groups.

The museum adds all funds raised as a result of the new admission policy will go to it's "growing needs in education," noting that as a non-profit organization and not a government-run institution, it has to fund more than half of its own operating costs, and the full cost of acquiring new works.

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  1. Jon posted on 03/20/2014 12:34 PM
    I can accept that they start charging but to charge 12$ for what was free is pure greed! What is the exact justification for THAT price rather than 2$ or 5$?
    1. Sam posted on 03/20/2014 02:48 PM
      @Jon Agreed. For many years, the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in NYC operated on a voluntary donation basis. The Montreal museum permanent collection in the beautiful old bldg is usually quite quiet and the extra infrastructure required to take admission fees might not be covered by the fees themselves. A safe receptacle to receive voluntary donations: loony , toonies, five$ 10 $ , or more.. whatever ; would probably generate more money and definitely prevent fewer visitors.
  2. Sam posted on 03/20/2014 01:35 PM
    This is a real shame. The permanent collection in its beautiful building is a wonderful place on which to casually drop in and be exposed to some wonderful art. A calm oasis in downtown that is also cultural draw, an educational experience, a tourist attraction and is or at least was a place to freely experience art at one's leisure and pleasure. Surely , a government intent on enriching our cultural infrastructure with our tax dollars can find some way to keep this from becoming a palace for the elite. $12 for many citizens, can make a difference between dropping in for a little enrichment and passing it by.
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