Website warns tourists away from Quebec

An Ontario man who grew up in Sherbrooke in the Eastern Townships has created an internet site warning tourists to stay away from Quebec.

Carl Sinding of Kitchener says the Parti Quebecois is building a wall of intolerance to isolate its minorities - that's why he called his website

His site tells prospective tourists that they risk confrontation or attack if they speak English in public in Quebec or wear religious symbols while visiting the province.

77-year old Sinding is also urging voters in Quebec to send the PQ packing during next month's provincial election.

He describes French Canadians as warm-hearted and welcoming but says radical supporters of the PQ are creating an explosive situation.

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  1. joeN posted on 03/20/2014 08:26 AM
    Just came back from a spring break vacation in the Carribean where I also had the opportunity to warn Americans when they asked about Montreal that Quebec is hostile to anyone who is not a french speaking Quebecer (and not wearing a hijab,kippa, or other religiuos symbol). I also pointed out how we have a Political party in the PROVINCE of Quebec that is showing a horrible side of this province hell bent on dividing and conquering on linguistic and cultural fears. Suggested they visit any of the other Canadian province where they would be well received and appreciated for the tourist dollars they spend in their local markets.

    A similar website should be set up to boycott all advertisers who use Quebecor, Quebecor media, Videotron, and other PKP owned media. It's time to make it rain financial pain on those who continue to propogate the myths and lies of the Seperatists in their mission to break up Canada.
  2. Ray S posted on 03/20/2014 08:39 AM
    Excellent site.

    Nice to see someone actually telling it like it is.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I (still) live in Quebec, I would put up a site similar to this, but one that was far more comprehensive and far reaching.

    However, I do not wish to openly use my name and identity as I (still) have business and other assets in the formerly belle province that could potentially (likely) cause some persecution from the imbecilic xenophobes rife in the (current) provincial gov't.
  3. Francois Charette posted on 03/20/2014 01:49 PM
    It is true, speaking English in Quebec has become a literal crime in many areas. I live this province and have many friends, both francophone and anglophone. I have no problem speaking to my friends in French, but I honestly feel concern and worry when I speak to friend in English for fear that some PQ extremist is going to make a scene.

    I have witnessed more than a few such scenes where supporters of the PQ, the Charter of Quebec Values, and BILL 101 have verbally and even physically jumped on people for speaking English.

    So, if you come to visit this province, be mindful that not everyone is welcoming of those who speak English or any other language other than French.
  4. Pam Kearney posted on 03/20/2014 06:00 PM
    I am a Canadian living in Quebec, and i am taken back by the fact that now its not just Marois sending money out of the province but other people. I have never had a problem as far as speaking English, yes i do get an attitude but nothing physical ever happened. We already have enough problems going on here but don't need other people who don't live here to discourage our tourism. What more are we going to lose, really i am angry.
    1. GT posted on 03/21/2014 01:45 PM
      @Pam Kearney Well Pam, if you didn't have any problems, then it should be ok. I would venture you must be residing in a retirement home because you haven't seen the real quebec lately. Try wearing a head scarf on a bus towards the eastern portion of the island and see if you are still free of problems.
  5. Carl Sinding posted on 03/30/2014 11:13 AM
    Hi Trudie,
    Thank you for your fair comment. I realize my website is upsetting to many Quebecers but I wasn't seeing anyone speaking up on behalf of minorities that under social pressure in Quebec. I have had a lot of emails good and bad regarding my opinions, and they are just that, but are all based on articles I have read in the national press, which I clipped and still have on file.
    One person's comments to you referring to my website, that she was upset that people from out of the province are costing Quebec the loss of tourist dollars is understandable, but let me point out that PQ policies are what precipitated intolerance towards minorities in Quebec, the website was just a response to that and fully justified because if Quebec separates we will be profoundly affected also. I like the great majority of Canadians desperately want Quebec to remain part of Canada, I cannot conceive Canada without Quebec and it's marvelous people. So I am sorry for the lady's upset but it could only have been avoided if I did not try to help minorities who are guilty of nothing more than trying to be good Quebecers. Thank you. Carl Sinding
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