Audiences for Quebec political TV debates shrinking

Thursday's debate drew nearly 1.3-million viewers

Thursday night's Quebec election debate drew an audience of nearly 1.3-milliom viewers.

That's according to the consortium of TV broacdasters.

The figure is said to be well below that of a similar debate in 2012.

That figure is reported to be more than 1.6-million viewers.

A debate in 2008 involving Liberal leader Jean Charest, PQ counterpart Pauline Marois, and Action Democratique leader Mario Dumont had an audience of nearly 2-million people.


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  1. Kelley posted on 03/22/2014 11:57 AM
    A. The hockey game was on;
    B. Everyone knew the answers to serious questions would be staged;
    C. The candidates lacked lustre.

    I flipped back and forth between the hockey game and the debate...both were predictable and disappointing... Just so you know, I am normally an optimist!
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