Liberals hold Montreal rally with an eye on the majority prize

Photo by Patrick Lejtenyi

The Liberal party held a highly charged mid-campaign rally in east end Montreal tonight, with the party faithful is riding high following Thursday's debate and strong poll numbers.

Before the leader entered the room at Usine C on Panet street, Viau MNA David Heurtel said the party had to keep on message and not get distracted.

"We're anticipating to continue talking on our issues," he said. "Talking about jobs, talking about the economy, talking about health care, talking about education, and showing Quebecers, regardless of their background, that the only option to put Quebec right back on track is not to talk about referendums or charters, but to talk about the economy."

The crowd was chanting a magic number before Philippe Couillard entered the room: 250,000. That's the number of jobs a Liberal government would create if brought to power and it was repeated over and over again.

When Couillard took the stage the crowd erupted in a frenzy.

The leader slammed the PQ repeatedly, digging at them on the poor economy, the debt, the possibility of a referendum and of course the charter.

Couillard brought up Jacques Parizeau's infamous "lobster trap" comment, when he compared Quebec voters who elected a PQ government as being essentially trapped and referendum-bound.

He also slammed the party for sowing divisions while ignoring pressing issues like the economy, health care and seniors.

Couillard said he is looking for a Liberal majority come April 8.

But Couillard, his team and his supporters say they are not taking anything for granted.

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