Marois expressing concern about reports of possible non-francophone voter fraud

Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois says she's concerned about reports of possible voter fraud involving anglophone and allophones from outside the province trying to register in the Quebec election.

Marois says the PQ has asked for more details on the issue from Quebec's chief electoral officer.

Her comments follow a story in Saturday's Le Devoir.

The newspaper cites an electoral officer in a downtown Montreal riding who says many English-speakers and others whose first language is neither English nor French have recently tried to register to vote.

The electoral officer says some of the people didn't have proper documentation.

He called the situation "worrisome and abnormal.''

"It's as if (Montreal's) Trudeau International Airport was wide open and we distributed free visas to anyone who came through, without question,'' Mathieu Vandal, the president of local electoral office in Montreal's Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques, told Le Devoir.

The downtown riding is 75 per cent first-language French but is also home to a large number of university students.

Vandal says about half the people trying to register since last Monday were anglophone or allophone.

He resigned from his post on Friday, according to Le Devoir.

Quebec's chief electoral office has not returned a request for comment from The Canadian Press.

Allegations surfaced earlier in the week that Quebec university students from elsewhere in Canada were unable to register in the April 7 election.

Dune Desormeaux, a fourth-year student at McGill who is originally from British Columbia, said Saturday he was turned away when he tried to register.

The 21-year-old said he brought the necessary identification but was told he couldn't vote because he was a student.

"I had anticipated having no problems,'' he said in an interview.

"I brought the documents requested _ my picture ID and a proof of address. And basically I was told, after a reasonably long discussion, that I would not be eligible to vote because I was not domiciled in Quebec as they said.''

According to the website of Quebec's electoral office, to be eligible to vote a person must be a Canadian citizen and have lived in Quebec for six months.

They must also have the intention of making Quebec their ``principal establishment,'' according to the Quebec civil code.

Since moving to the province, Desormeaux said he has only returned to British Columbia for a few weeks a year.

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  1. J. McA posted on 03/22/2014 05:21 PM
    Of Course it is voter fraud, because it is people other than French registring... go figure
  2. maria posted on 03/22/2014 05:31 PM
    she is running scared, she is grasping at straws - election fraud only happens on her side,
    remember all the spoiled ballots at the last referendum , which should not have been spoiled. Again she is looking for problems which are not even there. IE the Charter -
  3. maria posted on 03/22/2014 05:42 PM
    I forgot to mention There is also the other side - have spoken to a lot of anglophones on the West Island - and their name has been completely taken off the electoral list - has anybody checked that out - since she is investigating her situation,she should check out this situation since she is working for all Quebecor's . But all she carers about is the french vote, don't forget she is trying to get rid of the rest of us.
  4. Sidney Margles posted on 03/22/2014 05:59 PM
    The PQ is looking for every excuse to be used when the L:iberals win the election.
  5. Barcham posted on 03/22/2014 06:17 PM
    Wow! Spin control even before she loses? Sounds like someone is extremely worried! And it might be a good idea to tell Mathieu Vandal that Canadians don't need a visa to come to Montreal.
  6. More BS posted on 03/22/2014 06:34 PM
    Desperation is showing. The party that discounted thousands of votes in the last referendum is worried about voter fraud.! They will stoop to any lengths to get their way.
    Boot these crap spewers out once and for all and disband the pq party for good.the province can only benefit from that. Quebec has suffered enough from this scab and it is time to pull off the scab once and for all.
  7. Richard posted on 03/22/2014 06:51 PM
    What a crock
    Is she concerned that anglos are being told that if they dont speak French they are not allowed to vote?

    Is she concerned that students who reside in Quebec are being told they cannot vote?
    Is she concerned that anglos who have voted for years are not on voting lists?

    Is she conderned that votes will be stolen like they were in the 1995 referendum?

    Somehow I dont think so
  8. Peter K. posted on 03/22/2014 07:22 PM
    That's like a thief calling 911 for fear of being robbed. Suspicious how she makes this statement after reports that certain west island residents and anglophones had been left out of the registration process. This woman has absolutely no bottom.
  9. Mike d posted on 03/22/2014 07:25 PM
    My kids are out of town and will vote for sure
  10. Wanderlust posted on 03/22/2014 07:30 PM
    So is the 21 year old Dune Desormeaux considered a Anglaphone, Allaphone or phoney-phone. Maybe he's met a nice French Canadian girl and plans to stay.

    Why has Mathieu Vandal, the president of local electoral office in Montreal's Sainte-Marie-Saint-Jacques, resigned suddenly and since when do you need a visa to land at
    Trudeau International Airport when arriving from other parts of Canada. Who issues the new visas from inside Quebec.
  11. Janet Schurman posted on 03/22/2014 09:33 PM
    My daughter was at the voter station when this McGill student was trying to register. She said that the staff there were very patient and polite with him, and reiterated that he needed to show that he was a Quebec resident by having a Quebec medicare card. Being a student at the university does not automatically qualify for residency in Quebec. There was no attempt at fraud, and the voter registration system has enough checks to ensure that qualified Quebec residents can vote, whereas non-residents are excluded.
  12. ric posted on 03/22/2014 10:06 PM
    Hey Pauline, we're not cheaters like your group of separatist pals that destroyed "NO" votes in the last referendum. So now your buddies are refusing non-separatists from registering to vote. What a bunch of LOSERS.
  13. Jim posted on 03/22/2014 10:06 PM
    We are seeing the underhanded manipulations of the PQ, similar to what they managed to get away with during the 1995 referendum with uncounted votes in Laval. They should be called on this in a very loud and forceful manner. First it was a woman in Chateauguay speaking English and now it is students with the right to vote being told that they cannot do so. If they can, they will be making all kinds of claims to either prevent people from voting or to disqualify people who have. They cannot be allowed to rig the voting process and should be legally brought down if they do. They don't have to fear people somehow being imported into Quebec to vote against the PQ, they are already leaving in droves so as not to have to put up with their constant harassment.
  14. Jaye posted on 03/22/2014 10:10 PM
    I guess only (former) education ministers are allowed to vote fraudulently.
  15. jim posted on 03/22/2014 10:25 PM
    look who s talking dear sweet Pauline is FRAUD to Quebec and Canada lol
  16. ssm posted on 03/23/2014 01:19 AM
    What's next , language tests for voter registration? Voter Literacy tests (just google it) ? If Marois Quebec is going all out George Wallace Alabama style, the least it could do is get some of that warmer weather.
  17. joeN posted on 03/23/2014 08:12 AM
    and francophone fraud would be acceptable?? another distraction by the master of deception the PQ.
  18. I Speak E F posted on 03/23/2014 08:13 AM
    Some what like Parizeau, she's preparing the reason why she will lose, and she's going to blame the anglo and allo votes outside the province.
  19. Sandy posted on 03/23/2014 08:44 AM
    Talk about corruption...Marois wants to deny students like Dune Desormeaux the right to vote...wonder why?
  20. Mary posted on 03/23/2014 08:46 AM
    So the nonsense has begun. Marois hears that actual Quebec citizens that are NON francophone are trying to vote and being refused so she invents a story that illegal immigrants are trying to vote to stir up the separatists. Will it never end?! Please, everyone vote her out April 7th.
  21. lena73 posted on 03/23/2014 09:06 AM
    Not fraud at all!
    It's just that people hate her so much, that those that would normally not vote at all, (due to the fact that they're all a worthless bunch of corrupt sloths) are all coming out of the woodworks just to vote against her...including myself...
  22. PG13 posted on 03/23/2014 02:13 PM
    Marois wore a red square banging pots n pans to encourage students from registering to vote (to topple Charest) but now in 2014 she is against students from McGill & Concordia doing the same just because they are part of he usual clientele.

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    The rules for registering are: Canadian Citizen. of 18 years of age+. Residing here for +6 months with proof of residence (Carte Soleil or Quebec Driver's Licence). That is the minimum so any Canadian student with a Carte Soleil studying here +6 months is eligible to vote.

    Our citizenship is civic not ethnic.
  23. TD posted on 03/24/2014 08:24 AM
    Just listened to Lapierre's comments....Maybe he should have read the election act of QC before commenting....Is he enforcing taxation without representation? PhD students who have been here for six years and are paying taxes not allowed to be on QC electoral list...and Lapierre's gives an example of when he was a student MANY years ago...since then, the Election Act has been amended ......the act also applies to Iimmovables (cottages for example) and businesses after a year......part of Lapierre's job is to keep current and to use current examples.and staying on topic....
    1. joeN posted on 03/24/2014 01:46 PM
      @TD What everyone seems to forget is that he was a founding member of the Bloc when meech failed. I just take his comments with a grain of salt. He's an opportunistic political hypocrite.
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