UPDATE: It's spring, but winter weather just won't let go!

An estimated 11 centimeters of snow fell on Montreal

A lot of people must be saying where's spring?

A system moving in from the west dumped about 11 centimetres of snow on Saturday, the third day of spring.

The snow plows were out early as the white stuff came down, and most of the city's main arteries were cleared by mid-afternoon.

The city of Montreal says it had an army out there; roughly a thousand pieces of equipment and a thousand workers.

The good news, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Bruno Marquis: this is likely to be the last big dump of the season.

"We'll have some precipitation later in the week, probably Thursday night and Friday," he says. "But it could be in the form of wet snow or rain, because we're expecting temperatures to rise above zero by next weekend."

Trudeau airport has reported flight cancellations and delays. Some flights to and from New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Toronto were grounded.

Call ahead if you're catching a flight or waiting for someone to arrive.

Meteorologists have already said this winter has been longer and colder than average. Temperatures are only expected to get back to normal by early April.

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