Election campaign takes a scatological turn

photo: La Presse

Trailing in the polls and risking a loss in seats, CAQ leader François Legault adopted a more colourful tone on the campaign trail today.

Speaking about the Liberal record in government, Legault suggested that Quebecers needed to give themselves a good "kick in the butt" to rid themselves of decades of Liberal-PQ rule.

"If Quebecers think that all is well, that there is no corruption and the economy is going well, then vote for Liberals," Legault said. "If you want to recognize that nine Liberal years gave us the s*** that we have now, then change (your government)!"

Picking up on the scatological theme, Journal de Montréal cartoonist Yannick Lemay a.k.a. YGreck released a cartoon this afternoon portraying former Liberal Premier Jean Charest as a pile of dung.

photo: Journal de Montréal / YGreck

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  1. Sandy posted on 03/24/2014 07:07 PM
    Ten years in politics as a pequiste...FL is not credible.
    With regards to the cartoon,...distasteful! Is Mr. Lemay one of Marois's fans?
    1. George73 posted on 03/25/2014 12:51 PM
      @Sandy Personally I don't think the cartoonist is that good. Looks more like Marois to me or Drainville.
  2. Dardar posted on 03/25/2014 01:11 PM
    Distasteful but then again not surprised. Pequistes do not have any class!
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