High-tech variable parking fee system would likely mean higher rates

Snowdon councillor Marvin Rotrand  is continuing to push for his proposed plan to set up a high-tech modulated parking meter system which may mean higher fares for busier areas of the ctiy.

Rotrand told reporters at a morning news conference that it's in the city's best interests to set up such a system that would charge more in busier sectors of the city and less in less busier areas while helping motorists find empty spots as well as luring them to cheaper places to park. Rotrand said that would mean higher turnover rates in some areas and also cut down on motorists circling endlessly for a parking spot and polluting the air.

But Rotrand said he is almost certain such a system would mean higher parking meter fees for busy streets located near shops and other businesses.

"It's almost previsible that the price would go up in areas where you can't park now because there's too much demand. I believe we could probably go up another dollar easily at Peel and Ste Catherine with no discernible impact," Rotrand told CJAD 800 News.

"If you wanted to reach an occupancy rate where people could be guaranteed a parking spot, it would probably have to go up more than a dollar. However, it's not for me to decide what the rate is. If we have a sophisticated, electronic system that tells us exactly what the demand is and what the occupancy rate is, we can adjust the rate in real time so that it meets the real demand," he said.

Rotrand tabled his motion a year ago. He said he's been waiting on a $400,000 parking study due last fall from the city of Montreal and is asking council what's happening with it.

Rotrand said the existing parking meter stations are not equipped to handle the technology he's proposing that's in place in major cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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  1. LMAO posted on 03/24/2014 05:25 PM
    He said he's been waiting on a $400,000 parking study due last fall from the city of Montreal and is asking council what's happening with it.

    $400,000 for a study on parking!!!!!! When will this city ever learn. Montrealer's should be livid over this it's a disgrace. I guess the money recovered from the construction scandals will soon be spent at this rate.
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