Secret recording reveals special focus on anglophone student voters

A secretely made recording of staff at the voter registration office in the riding of St-Henri-Ste-Anne is providing a window into how and why some workers are rejecting students who are originally from out-of-province.

On the tape, one staff member tells the applicant that a special focus is being paid to Anglophone students.

Sean Beatty brought a passport issued out of Montreal, Quebec tax receipts going back to 2009, and a year-and-a half worth of Quebec hydro-bills when he tried to register for a second time.

He also recorded part of the conversation.

"You can bring me all those bills for past ten years it doesn't prove to me that you're a resident," says the official on the tape, who appears to be the president of the revision committee.

Beatty, a doctoral student at McGill, has been living in Quebec for the past six years. He does not have a car, so does not have a driver's licence, and continues to use his British Columbia health care card.

As a general rule, Quebec will not issue health care cards to students who've come from outside Quebec.

Beatty had also paid Quebec taxes on his scholarships.

But, the elections worker tells Beatty he is not convinced he truly lives here. "I have a doubt that you are not a resident of Quebec," he says.

Beatty appeals to a second worker and asks several times for the exact requirements, but she can only repeat that the president doubts his case.

"Someone one who doesn't have a driver's licence, a medicare card, and claims to be a resident in terms of being registered on the electoral list, it doesn't match," says the second worker.

"There's some kind of emphasis being put on English students trying to register," she says

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  1. ssm posted on 03/24/2014 11:24 AM
    Is "profiling" acceptable when practicing voter suppression? One person's doubt is enough to prevent a citizen from exercising their right to vote? I read the voter pamphlet sent out by the gov't to all potential voters Clearly , the id requirements were met by these victims and clearly, a staff member can withdraw democracy based on their personal opinion. Are their ANY instances of white , Catholic, francophones being denied their right to register to vote in this election? That would be an interesting statistic.
  2. David posted on 03/24/2014 01:53 PM
    Another instance of the same old same old voter interference here in Quebec. Let's not forget the fraud perpetrated on those spoiled no votes on the last referendum. The PQ cannot be trusted in word or in deed to allow the process to proceed democratically, but this too will backfire, as it has already begun to get reverse spin in subsequent articles and the reactions of Mr. Couilard and the Electoral Commissioner. The more the PQ talks, the sillier and more dishonest ( if possible) they appear. They are quite simply digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole. Soon they will disappear.
  3. buzzbrain posted on 03/24/2014 03:05 PM
    yea now the PQ are trying to stop english people from voting go figure. whats nexts you did'nt vote last year so u can't now? lol
  4. Guy posted on 03/25/2014 03:47 PM
    Don't suppose we have a record of a French speaking student trying to register with the same credentials? I'd be curious to see how successful they would be...
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