WATCH: Westmount High make video to teach Marois lessons

Students and teachers of Westmount High have made a video teaching Premier Marois some lessons in Quebec values.

"It's important to stand up for what I believe in and I think the Charter of Values is wrong, it’s taking away people's rights and freedoms," Jaylen Paris, a grade 10 student who helped with the video said.

Since September, teachers, students and some parents, have been holding weekly protests against the Charter.

With the cold weather, they've taken their efforts inside to create a bilingual video telling Marois that her secularism charter goes against the charter of rights.

“They need to see this and think about what it is they’re doing and how it’s affecting communities like Westmount High, where we have teachers and students who wear hijabs and kipas. This is not only about these people today, but also about their futures,” Robert Green, the teacher who’s been leading the project said.

“How are we supposed to be saying, just believe in yourself and you could do anything when the government is sending this kind of message back,” Green said.

“Quebec is extremely diverse and it’s very unfair to take away this right, there are a lot of people who’s futures are going to be affected,” Ariana Da Cunha, another grade 11 student in the video said.

The EMSB has shown its support. During the bill 60 hearings it said it would defy the charter and called it a bullying tactic.

When asked about the video, Marois said that the PQ's charter does not go against the charter of human rights.

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  1. GEORGE OSTROWSKI posted on 03/25/2014 04:06 PM
    Marois or Drainville won't watch it because some of it is English.

    Didn't someone in the PQ say that English is a foreign language
    and didn't someone in the PQ say that English is a cancer?

    So sad.

    George Ostrowski
  2. MHA posted on 03/25/2014 04:50 PM
    C'est le Québec que j'AIME. Bravo à tous ces étudiants qui mettent de l'avant les valeurs pour lesquelles le Québec doit se battre.
  3. Norm posted on 03/25/2014 05:03 PM
    Problem is that Marois and Drainville are deaf. Incidentally, these kids speak a better French than Marois and many of the PQ'istes.
  4. Fellow MTL Teacher posted on 03/25/2014 06:26 PM
    Simply amazing! Well Done Westmount High! Definitely going to show this to my students tomorrow
  5. Jack L. posted on 03/25/2014 10:40 PM
    Smart KIDS! Good job! They GET IT!
    One wish, thou! Next time please use a tripod!
    i have motion sickness from watching this!
  6. Mike posted on 03/25/2014 11:56 PM
    Uplifting, extremely well done.
    In these young adults, there is reason to hope.
  7. Gilles posted on 03/26/2014 05:52 AM
    Now THIS video is about real Quebec values...

    We can see how blind the PQ are when they claim that their law will not violate the Charter of Rights or like the PLQ claims, that it's simply a strategy to get reelected.

    In either case, since the PQ claim that a vote for them is a vote for their Charter of "Values" , they will never get my vote.
  8. Linda posted on 03/26/2014 01:01 PM
    These wise students are the future of a strong & free Québec in a beautiful country called Canada. I am so proud of all of you, and what you stand for......Linda
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