Gas up to 146.4 in Montreal

The price of gas is on the rise this afternoon.

Some stations are selling a litre of regular this afternoon for 146.4 — a 6 cent a litre increase.

That means the hike will probably spread across the city by tomorrow morning.

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  1. Mojowillyray posted on 03/26/2014 02:42 PM
    Fabulous...Keep paying for the incompetency ROC.
  2. wluis posted on 03/26/2014 03:43 PM
  3. LMAO posted on 03/26/2014 05:16 PM
    Maybe we need an inquiry here. The price in Ontario has not moved at all again.
  4. Jim posted on 03/26/2014 09:13 PM
    We shop and gas up in the states
  5. Ryk posted on 03/27/2014 10:04 AM
    We are forever complaining about how we are being abused by the oil companies, yet WE never hold them to task. When prices decline, or are stable elsewhere on the planet, Quebec has hourly fluctuations which can can swing as much as 10%. We also see predictable weekly cycles where prices spike Wednesday night to compensate for the Thursday 3 cent discount on premium.

    Despite the condescending and ague comments from the oil industry that these price fluctuations are the result of 'complex economic factors' which the public is not capable of understanding ... Try us!!! We have a knack of deciphering BS, and I can assure you that this is exactly that this is what we will discover these 'complex economic factors' to be.

    Kick them where it hurts... public transit is underrated, and under used in Quebec. Or, let's for once hold the oil companies to task to explain why we, the people of Quebec, are subjected to this ridiculous perpetual moving price target which adjusts many times daily.
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