Taxis charging illegal fees for credit and debit card usage

You may have been asked to pay fees when you’re settling your taxi fare with a debit or credit card but it turns out that's illegal.

Many taxi companies will add $1 to $1.25 on every debit or credit transaction to cover service fees.

“It’s not going in the drivers pockets, we don’t make that money, we give $1 to the company and they tell us it’s for administration fees, that’s all they’re telling us," Addy Adegeye, who’s been a taxi driver with Taxi Diamond for 20 years said.

The provincial law says the only extra fee a taxi customer can be asked to fork out is to cover the cost of tolls.

Adegeye says Diamond stopped charging customers because of all the complaints it received. But, he says drivers now pay 6 percent on every transaction.

“They can charge us 6 percent, or 10 percent, they can charge us anything they want and if we’re not happy we can go to another company.”

The taxi board says drivers charging fees will start receiving $125 fines.

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