Police targetting cellphone-yakking, texting motorists

Montreal police are cracking down on motorists who use their cellphone while behind the wheel.

On Tuesday alone, Montreal police nabbed 471 drivers who were talking or texting on their cellphones while on the road or engaging in other forms of distracted driving. They each got a $120 ticket (including fees) and three demerit points off their driver's licence.

The operation continues until April 1st.

Police are using this as an opportunity to advise motorists about the rules: using your cellphone in your hand to take a call, look at email or to text while stopped at a red light is the same thing as doing it while driving; using Bluetooth with both hands on the wheel is allowed; if you want to use your cellphone while on the road, park somewhere safely and legally to do it.

Quebec's automobile insurance board says in 2012, 18% of Quebec motorists admitted they read or wrote texts while driving and 63% of them said they believe that the risk of being stopped by police is low.

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  1. ric posted on 03/27/2014 09:57 PM
    BRAVO POLICE. The fines should be $500.00 for talking and $1000.00 for texting. Second offenders should pay double. These people are just as big idiots as drunk drivers.
  2. Jim posted on 04/21/2014 06:15 PM
    Not enough do like in New York State after 3 lose licence
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