Quebec Provincial Election - Debate #2 Live Blog

CJAD's political reporter Dan Delmar will be live blogging the French language debate Thursday, March 20th, 2013. The debate starts at 8pm. Follow him on Twitter @delmarhasissues and use the hashtag #cjadelxn!


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  1. Jonathan posted on 03/27/2014 09:30 PM
    We learned in the last election how Mme Marois would provoke a crisis in order to stir people up in favour of independance. We have no reason to believe that plan has changed, thus this is more than an is in effect A referendum on THE referendum
  2. clint posted on 03/27/2014 09:46 PM
    "Couillard: Bilingualism is not a menace, it's an asset. "
    OMG....he said it on tv
  3. Rose posted on 04/07/2014 07:01 PM
    Why are voters being turned away!!??? My husband showed up to vote this morning in Vaudreuil and was told his name was crossed off the list. We received the voting card in the mail WITH OUR NAMES ON IT. Which means we are registered, so why was his name crossed off? The person responsible at the voting poll called the DGE and then conveyed the message to my husband " if he's crossed off there must be a reason. So he can't vote" And that was the end of that. I later arrived to cast my vote and was registered! I told them that my husband was turned away and was told they did some digging and found that he was crossed off and put on another list ( another piece of paper) but there was no reference to look else where for his name. So basically there was a clerical error in a provincial election which prohibited my husband from exercising his civil right!
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