Search area for Malaysian plane shifting due to "new credible lead"

Australian authorities say the search area for the missing Malaysian airliner has shifted because of a ``new credible lead.''

The revised search area comes as the weather cleared Friday in the southern Indian Ocean to allow planes to hunt for fresh clues to the fate of the plane that went missing March 8.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it shifted the search 1,100 kilometres to the north after receiving a lead based on updated advice provided by an international investigation team in Malaysia.

The new area is 319,000 square kilometres and about 1,850 kilometres west of Perth.

Australian officials have ``examined this advice and determined that this is the most credible lead to where debris may be located,'' the AMSA said.

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  1. ric posted on 03/28/2014 06:38 AM
    Does any of these so-called experts know what they're doing? What's with these clowns in Malaysia that seem clueless about the whole incident? Satellites have been picking up floating stuff for over a week, why can't anyone find at least 1 piece.
    There's something more than we're being told.
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