Search suspended for Malaysian Airlines flight 370

The search for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has been put on hold for the second time in three days, thanks to poor weather conditions in the South Indian Ocean.

Australian authorities said Thursday morning a Thailand satellite detected at least 300 hundred objects floating in the ocean, in the search vicinity.

Anond Snidvongs, director of Thailand's space technology development agency, said Thursday the images showed "300 objects of various sizes" in the southern Indian Ocean about 2,700 kilometres southwest of Perth.

Anond says the objects were about 200 kilometres from the area where a French satellite on Sunday spotted 122 objects.

Meanwhile, a Chicago law firm will be suing the airline, Boeing and the Malaysian government for millions of dollars.

The Montreal convention, signed in 1999, stipulates that Malaysia Airlines will have to pay at least $172,000 to the families of all 239 passengers.

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