While leaders prep for debate, the mudslinging continues

The absence of Quebec political leaders on the campaign trail today is doing little to stop the mudslinging over transparency among their respective parties.

The other parties are all taking aim at Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard over a Radio-Canada report he placed money in an offshore tax haven while practising as a neurosurgeon in Saudi Arabia well before embarking on his political career.

Couillard says there was nothing illegal about the account and he paid taxes on the money in it upon his return to Canada.

Nonetheless, the Parti Quebecois is calling Couillard's credibility into question over the account, insisting he should have paid taxes while abroad given that taxpayers paid for his medical education in Quebec.

The Liberals are countering with the argument that the only person who hasn't shown transparency is PQ Leader Pauline Marois.

While all other party leaders agreed to make their financial situations public prior to tonight's debate, Marois has resisted calls to do so.

CJAD will have special coverage of the debate this evening with reports every 15 minutes, beginning at 8 p.m., live blogging on CJAD's election page, and live-tweeting throughout the evening.

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  1. Veektor_Smash posted on 03/27/2014 04:05 PM
    So, in the PQs eyes, if you do your education here in Quebec, you have to pay taxes here when you work outside of the country? How does that make sense?

    Sorry PQ but until your leader steps up and shows that she can be just as transparent as the rest of the other leaders, no one is going to listen to your crackpot ramblings.
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