Laval Green party candidate says he was told he can't run and can't vote

A Green party candidate in Laval says he's been told he's not a candiate and cannot vote.

Brendan Edge says he tried to register to vote in the riding of Mercier where he lives.

He says he brought all the necessary papers and yet was turned down on two fronts.

"In Mercier, it's number one that I wcould vote cause I wasn't domiciled in Quebec as the problem is with may other students supposedly. The guy at the office said you'rre not actually a field candidate for Chomedey. So they not only denied me the right to vote, but they accused me of not being an official candidate", Edge said.

Edge says he wants to take legal action.

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  1. ric posted on 03/30/2014 08:29 AM
    We've been hearing about this for over a week now. How can a G.D. separatist sitting in a chair have the ultimate power of refusing someone the RIGHT to vote. Is anyone doing anything about this? It is our democratic right and freedom to vote. This election should therefore be postponed until everyone legal is on the electoral list.
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