WATCH: Two teen girls face charges after filming attack on boy

Two teenage girls who filmed an attack on a boy and posted the video to Facebook appeared in court Friday, to face charges of making threats, intimidation and assault.

The video shows the girls, 13 and 17 years old, allegedly luring the boy into a parking lot in Beloeil to have a discussion.

It ended up turning violent — with the video shoting the younger girl filming the older punching and spitting on the 16-year-old boy, who did not fight back.

The girls then traded places, with the older girl kicking and punching the boy.

The video was made earlier this week, and has since been taken down from Facebook, but made the rounds of social media and eventually, traditional broadcast media, and got the attention of Richelieu-St. Laurent regional police, who quickly identified the three teens.

The girls are due back in court in May.

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  1. clint posted on 03/29/2014 07:31 AM
    The "boy" should be commended for not retaliating. He was obviously taught NOT to be violent towards women.
  2. John posted on 03/29/2014 10:23 PM
    I wonder if the child being assaulted was the son of a CJAD employee, would you still have splashed the video all over your page?
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