Westmount-Saint-Louis: sure to be a Liberal win, but some residents want more options

The Westmount-Saint-Louis riding has been a Liberal lock since it was created in 1992. Representing Westmount and downtown Montreal, it has the highest average family income in the province and with three of Montreal's four universities; it has the highest proportion of voters with a university degree.

Both predecessor ridings of Westmount-Saint-Louis voted Liberal, except for 1989 when the Equality Party won the Westmount seat, and then 1992 when that equality party candidate crossed the floor to the PQ.

Jacques Chagnon has been the liberal MNA in Saint-Louis and then Westmount-Saint-Louis since 1985. He's also speaker of the National Assembly.

“I have been speaking to people in my riding and things are looking good for me,” he said about being re-elected on April 7th.

“I’m absolutely happy with M.Chagnon,” one Westmount resident told CJAD.

Others said it was time for a change, and felt there weren’t enough options.

“There’s no sense that there’s a real difference between the parties and there’s no one saying different things that has radically different policies” a young voter in the riding said.

“I’m not going to vote for the PQ but the Liberals I don’t trust them, so what are we left with,” another woman said.

Chagnon's vote count has been dropping slightly over the years. He won by 67 percent in the 2012 election, down from 75 percent in 2008.

The CAQ took 13 percent of the vote in 2012. This year their candidate, François-Carl Labonté, was ruled ineligible for not providing enough valid signatures supporting his candidacy.

Other candidates, who were not available to speak to CJAD, are Denise Laroche with the Parti Quebecois and Melissa Desjardins with Quebec Solidaire. Both of those parties won about 7 percent of the 2012 election vote.

Lisa Cahn is running with the Green Party, it won 3 percent of the vote in 2012.

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