Latest campaign talk: tax havens, transparency and tourism

The Parti Quebecois says Delaware is merely a sensible place to set up affiliates, not a tax haven even though the US state has been described as one.

Quebec Solidaire listed companies Saturday, maybe with links to Quebecor, that might be connected to US tax havens.

According to Quebec Solidaire, the companies are listed in the state of Delaware.

The majority shareholder of the Quebec media giant is PQ star candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau.

Liberal leader Philippe Couillard, who was again questioned about having a tax haven of nearly 600-thousand on Jersey island when he worked in Saudia Arabia in the 90's, called for full financial transparancy from election opponents.

Couillard, PQ leader Pauline Marois and Quebec Solidaire's Francoise David released financial holdings earlier in the campaign.

The CAQ's Francois Legault did so on Saturday.

Figures show his income for 2012 was 118-thousand dollars.

They also show he's worth almost 10-million dollars.

Legault is co-founder of Air Transat.

Legault, meantime, says Quebec can attract more tourists and improve economic benefits by concentrating heavily on the shores of the St Lawrence.

He says a CAQ government would change the province's tourist landscape.

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