Canadians take part in Earth Hour

Many Canadians turned off their lights for an hour Saturday night as part of a global and symbolic stand against climate change.

In New Brunswick the government-owned utililty NB Power tweeted a picture of its Fredericton headquarters darkened.

Toronto's CN Tower turned off all exterior lighting except for aircraft safety lights and reduced as much interior lighting as it could.

Toronto Hydro tweeted that power usage dropped by six per cent during Earth Hour.

B.C. Hydro says British Columbians reduced the provincial electricity load by one per cent, the equivalent of turning off about 1.4 million lights.

The utility says it's the lowest figure recorded since it started measuring the event's energy savings in 2008.

Organizers say Earth Hour shows how a small act, turning off lights, can have a powerful effect when enough people carry it out.

The World Wildlife Fund is the driving force behind the annual campaign to urge people to turn their lights off for an hour on Saturday night, between 8:30 and 9:30 p.m local time in Canada.

Earth Hour started in 2007 in Australia and has since expanded to involve thousands of cities and towns across the world.

Municipalities and utilities have embraced the annual event, devoting space on their web sites to promote it.


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  1. Ray S posted on 03/30/2014 06:00 PM
    Rather than pander to political correctness or pay homage at the alter of a new-age religious cult, we celebrated Human Achievement Hour.

    We turned on all lights (not one dangerous, polluting CFL bulb I proudly say) and displayed how humans have made nights safer by banishing darkness (all lights properly aimed to absolutely minimize light pollution).

    We turned up the heat (hydro and heat pump-powered to reduce pollution) and displayed how humans have made their habitat much more comfortable than cold, dark and dank caves.

    We drove our vehicles (new, well-maintained ones that minimize pollution) and displayed how humans have enabled easy, convenient and safe travel.

    We did this at BOTH our homes (both retrofitted to be energy efficient to reduce pollution) to display how humans can live comfortable lives.

    Some may look upon as with rancour, but we will BET that our contribution to POLLUTING this planet (which is what counts, not some drivel about CO2) is very much smaller than the politically correct econuts that sat around in the dark, contemplating how to further enrich the wallets of those who believe that a changing climate is something that is unnatural.
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